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Basque Gastronomy

Do you want a renowned cook to come to your accommodation and prepare a traditional Basque dish for you?

Or on the contrary, do you prefer to enjoy it at its source, in the many restaurants and bars located around the area. Whichever one you prefer Egona and Pascual Expósito can provide that possibility.

Our commitment is to work with the very fresh products of quality, and above all, farm fresh produce less than 0km away. Together we could go to the Zarautz market and buy exceptional ingredients so that we can cook them later in intricate and flavorful dishes.

In short, it is about cooking, using as much as is viable, local, fresh and seasonal products that are linked and connected to our extraordinary environment, without losing sight of ecological processes and respect for nature.

We will adapt meals, as much as possible, to your needs and wishes.


Egona Zarautz and Pascual Exposito.

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